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Bargaining Updates

CUHSD and CHSTA bargaining teams met on Monday, May 22nd for the 7th negotiations session. Over the course of our bargaining sessions, CUHSD and CHSTA have come to agreements on the following items:

  • Increase to the Professional Development hourly rate from $35/hour to $50/hour 

  • Increase to the Professional Development daily rate from $300/day to $350/day

  • Stipend increases for Department Chairs to $7,250

  • Stipend clarification for Athletic Directors and AVID Coordinators

  • Established a stipend for extended seasons in Athletics of $400

  • Compensation for classroom prep time and professional development for CACE teachers

  • Class size overage stipend eligibility for teachers with release periods 

After a lengthy discussion, CHSTA and CUHSD have not been able to come to an agreement on the following:

  • percent increase to the salary schedule (table below)

  • amount of supplemental compensation increases under Appendix B

  • addition of a new Category III stipend specifically for a Robotics Advisor

  • guidelines involving full-time teachers’ advancement on the salary schedule 

The proposals exchanged on Monday provide detailed descriptions and can be found here.

CUHSD and CHSTA jointly filed for impasse with the Public Employees Relations Board (PERB). On May 26, PERB determined that the parties were at impasse, and a mediator will be assigned to work with the parties. The timeline for this process will be dependent on the availability of the mediator and the negotiating parties. We will communicate further updates as they become available.

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