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September 23, 2022

Joint Communication Update from CHSTA & CUHSD 


Dear Teachers & CHSTA Members:


We are pleased that the bargaining teams reached tentative agreement on the outstanding issues on Monday night. The teams have been meeting this week to finalize the eight written agreements. This update includes highlights from each article. The new salary schedules and the tentative agreement for each of the articles can be found here.


CHSTA will provide additional details, along with Q&A sessions via Zoom, for members prior to a ratification vote and subsequent Board approval.

  • Article 8 - Class Size: Set hard caps for most classes at 35, caps of 36 for singletons/doubletons, and 45 for P.E. and visual and performing arts classes; increased class-size overage stipends from $3 to $5

  • Article 12 - Evaluation:  Clarified the project-based/optional evaluation pathway; included evidence selected by member for standard evaluation procedure 

  • Article 14 - Hours and Work Year (Work day and Work year): Added a paid contract day for professional development in the second semester; clarified the instructional day and  the professional work day; established protocols for assigning additional .2 FTE to members; included opportunities to collaborate on curriculum outside the contract year and be paid at the per diem rate; added protocols for course assignments; and included time limits on beginning of year staff meetings

  • Article 18/19/28 - Compensation and Benefits 
    Unit A: Agreed to an increase of  $3.5 million to be put toward salary enhancement and other proposals with fiscal impacts (including class size and overage stipends).
    The compensation package reflected in the new salary schedule includes:

    • Reduction in longevity plateaus from five years to four years

    • Consistent percentage increase from step to step

Convert the parcel tax stipend to the salary schedule upon renewal if the parcel tax is renewed by July 1, 2023

Unit B: Agreed to a 7.6% increase to the salary schedule and to a $1,000 off schedule stipend, paid in two lump sum installments

  • Article 16 - Leaves: Established a 2022-23 pilot for partial day, rather than full or half day, deductions of sick leave 

  • Article 26 - Duration: Established a two year-agreement; in year two, will open Article 18/28 and one non-economic article for each party

  • Article 28 - Adult Education: Clarified language to address different class modalities (including online and hybrid classes)

  • Article 29 - Special Services: Added language for Social Workers and Nurses’ working conditions, added per diem hours for SPED case managers to ensure compliance to the IEP at the start of the school year beginning in 2023-24




Nick Cortez

Celeste Smiley                        Meredyth Hudson

CHSTA Co-Chairs                   District Chair


How to Contact the CUHSD Board


Robert Varich - Trustee Area 1 -

Michael Winter - Trustee Area 2 -

Stacey Brown - Trustee Area 3 -

Linda Goytia - Trustee Area 4 -

Open Seat - Trustee Area 5 - 


To find your Area and identify which is your representative Trustee, go to


How to Attend/Speak at a Board Meeting


The CUHSD Board normally meets twice per month on alternate Thursday evenings. The public, open session begins at 6 p.m. Any member of the public is able to speak on items on the agenda prior to the item being discussed by the board members. There is also a Public Comment section at the start of the meeting for any member of the public to speak on any issue not on the agenda. When you arrive, fill out a Blue Card and submit it to the Board to identify the topic you wish to address. (You may also sign up to be called to speak via phone.)


The meetings are held at the CUHSD District Office @ 3235 Union Avenue, San Jose


How to Stay in Contact with Teachers & CHSTA


Sign up for email updates from Campbell Teachers at

Vote of No Confidence

Campbell High School Teachers’ Association (CHSTA) Vote of No Confidence Resolution 


Whereas Dr. Robert Bravo, Ed.D. is employed as the current Superintendent of the Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD) and is tasked by the CUHSD Board of Trustees with the oversight and management of all aspects and functions of the school district, including direct authority over internal and external District communications and bargaining with employee associations; and


Whereas Dr. Robert Bravo, Ed.D. is additionally responsible for the oversight and management of the policies related to hiring, retention, and morale of the employees directly and indirectly under his charge; and


Whereas over the last two years Dr. Robert Bravo, Ed.D. has engaged in a series of behaviors and actions which has left his employees deflated, broken, and divided; and


Whereas the behaviors and actions leading to the current state of relations between employees and management have included:

  • Allowing publication of a letter from the Board President claiming that faculty lied about the truth that their pay is lower than it was last year, to be distributed through official District channels and remain published and accessible from the homepage of the District’s website for more than a week, thereby actively attempting to erode the community’s confidence in the integrity of their students’ teachers; and

  • Failing to adequately respond to employee concerns regarding issues well within his scope, insulting union colleagues by actively belittling and dismissing their real, lived experiences after they shared the realities of working within CUHSD during board meeting public comments, and subsequently misleading the board about the veracity of employee claims leading to a more confrontational relationship between labor and management;

  • Abetting the insulation of the Board of Trustees from any sources of information other than what he provides by failing to counsel against a policy whereby Trustees refuse to engage in any communication with the elected representatives of employee associations;

  • Enabling his bargaining team to utilize the employee’s loss of pay as “leverage” to gain concessions which would result in the already overworked teaching staff being required to take on more responsibilities and have less professional discretion in performing their jobs;

  • Allowing teachers to receive a $5,000 pay reduction during a pandemic when it was within the District’s contractual ability to lessen the reduction by simply following the proscribed contractual language;

  • Refusing to allow teachers to have the advice and counsel of their colleagues and representatives in disciplinary and investigative meetings beyond a single designee (despite ongoing past practices) until directly instructed to do so by an outside arbitrator;

  • Actively resisting changes and accommodations necessary for a safe and sustainable return to the classroom during a pandemic until advised to do so by an outside mediator;

  • Arbitrary changes in policies during a pandemic without consultation or prior communication with teaching staff;


Whereas Dr. Robert Bravo, Ed.D. has engaged in the foregoing behaviors and actions during a time of global pandemic and nationwide teacher’s shortage; he has failed in his responsibility to create a positive and rewarding work environment in order to attract and retain highly qualified teachers; and 


Whereas it has been a common goal, at the start of the pandemic, of CHSTA and CUHSD to get students back to campus, Dr. Robert Bravo Ed.D. chose to undermine any collaborative efforts; and


Whereas under the leadership and advice of Dr. Robert Bravo, Ed.D., CUHSD has maintained excess funds far in excess of the state required 3% of revenues and far in excess of the Board’s own policy of maintaining a 6% reserve; and while doing so he has allowed teachers to work for less money at the start for the 2021-22 school year than they were receiving at the end of the 2020-21 school year; and 


Whereas Dr. Robert Bravo, Ed.D. continues to use public resources to issue political messages to the community disparaging teachers and creating divisiveness and distrust, and;


Whereas it is in the interest of all employee groups, management, the Board of Trustees, and the community as a whole for CUHSD to be a compassionate and collaborative environment in order to provide the best possible services for the students we all serve; and 


Whereas Dr. Robert Bravo, Ed.D., failed to provide leadership during the transition to a full return to in-person learning, abdicated responsibility for rebuilding our school communities, and was negligent in addressing the social and emotional needs of our students; and


Whereas during some of the most challenging and stressful times for students in recent memory, CUHSD under the leadership of Dr. Robert Bravo, Ed.D., has failed to provide students with adequate support, including mental health resources; and he has publically threatened those same meager services with additional cuts while the District currently possesses nearly $50 million in excess, unspent revenues;  


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the members of the Campbell High School Teachers Association and undersigned employees have NO confidence, and NO trust, in the Superintendent to effectively lead the Campbell Union High School District, and


THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the members of the Campbell High School District Teachers Association and undersigned employees respectfully and willingly submit this vote of No Confidence to the Board of Trustees of the Campbell Union High School District, and 


THEREFORE, BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the Campbell High School Teachers Association members and undersigned employees urge the Board of Trustees of the Campbell Union High School District to reconsider the terms of the contract of the Superintendent because the students and staff of Campbell Union High School District deserve better.


We, the undersigned employees of the Campbell Union High School District proclaim No Confidence in Superintendent Robert Bravo, Ed.D.

This Resolution was signed by 380 out of 415 teachers.

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