My Representatives

Every school has a field representative and an organizer to back them up and help them stay union strong.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is composed of the officers of the Association (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and appointed chairpersons.  The officers serve two-year terms, and participate in Rep Council as non-voting members.

  • President: Kim McCarthy (Prospect) CHSTApresident​​m          terms ends 2021

  • Vice President: Nick Cortez (Branham)     terms ends 2021

  • Treasurer: Ben Bethune (Leigh) CHSTAtreasurer​ terms ends 2021

  • Secretary: Laurel Garceau (Branham) CHSTAsecretary​ terms ends 2021

representative Council

The Representative Council is comprised of Active members of the Association including Faculty Representatives, Committee Chairpersons, CTA State Council Representatives, and members of the Executive Board.  Faculty representatives serve a two-year term.  Other non-voting members of the Rep Council  serve for the term of their appointment.


Angela Cunningham (2021)


 Bobbi Arduini (2021)

Juan Maculet (2022)

Barbara West (2022)


Lars Gundvedt (2021)


Andrea Kippes (2021)

Del Mar

Vicki Braithwaite (2022)

César Cabrera-Contreras (2021) mr.cesar.cabrera@gmail.c om

James Lucas (2022)



Lynette Jackson (2022)

Rachel Nevarez (2022)

Gina Nicoletta (2022)

Celeste Smiley (2021)



Roberta Lynch (2020)

Jose Tejada (2022)


Alison LaBouff (2021)


Christiana Mandler (2022)

Chris Mock (2021)