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ActionParsnip: but that is looking at the server When i install ubuntu.. it's showing the following error'sudo: unable to lookup via gethostbyname()' what could be the problem My hostname is i need a list of all ppas for the ubuntu versions since 14.04 and 16.04. and a list of all PPAs from another distribution repos. thanks k1l_: why? i know most of them, but i want to know the all and from where. so i can remove them from my systems ah ok i could download every single ppa.list file and grep for the version i want Magic-Fx: you may need to provide more information, since that's a rather generic message that you don't seem to have provided any. and remove them manually. but its going to take a lot of time for this. so i better have that script instead :) k1l_: why ubuntu version in particular? lotuspsychje: the ubuntu repos lotuspsychje: but i could check the PPAs from every other distribution too tomreyn, i did provide the information, i even confirmed it that hostname is correct, it's not my computer it's a other friends computer k1l_: check out sed Magic-Fx: still not sure what you said, which error message exactly. EriC^^: thanks Magic-Fx, then it is a router issue. k1l_: i think that might help My



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Download Prophet Bot Pwi (2022)

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