Catastrophic Leave Bank Enrollment Deadline - October 1

The Catastrophic Leave Bank was negotiated by CHSTA with CUHSD to protect our bargaining unit members who have experienced a catastrophic health event, or are caring for a family member who has experienced a catastrophic event. All bargaining unit members are eligible to enroll in the Bank, which is completely voluntary.

The Bank was established in 2017, and 84 members joined that year. Membership went up to 121 in 2018, and grew in 2019 to 131 members. In the past three years, the Bank has had a total of 332 deposited days, and distributed 179 days to our members in need.

Language governing the contributions and withdrawals can be found in Article 16 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (the Contract), which is available at chsta.net.

If you have previously enrolled, your membership carries over from year to year, so no action is necessary. Thanks to the efforts of Rich Alipaz, CUHSD Director of Human Resources, enrollment in the Bank by new members can now take place online.

Online Enrollment

If you have questions about the Catastrophic Leave Bank, please reach out to your union Site Rep.

You can also contact CHSTA President Kim McCarthy if you are unsure if you are already enrolled, or if you have any questions, at chstapresident@gmail.com.


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