The Facts

The collective bargaining agreement between high school teachers and CUHSD expired on August 31, 2018. This was in spite of beginning the bargaining process back in March. Although CHSTA and the District were using an Interest Based Bargaining approach, the District does not seem committed to our community’s shared interest of attracting and retaining quality educators for Campbell students. In the past three years, the District has seen 150 new teachers enter our schools - out of a total teaching staff of approximately 400 teachers. CHSTA believes that it is not in our students’ interest to lose good teachers to other districts who are willing to make teachers a budget priority. 

01 / CPI

Since 2008 bay area CPI has increased 26.5% while salary has increased 20.5%.

02 / Salaries

CUHSD teachers have lost 5% in purchasing power over the past 10 years.

03 / Reserve

From 2008-2013 teachers received 0% in salary increases and agreed to furlough, meanwhile, the Districts Reserves grew to 35%.
The district has not Deficit Spent in over 8 years, and the last time it did was only because the Reserve was getting so big (over 30%) that the teachers and the public demanded that they spend down the Reserves.

A deeper Look

Total Outgo

When comparing what percent of Total Outgo (all of the money the district spends in a given year) that goes toward teacher salaries, CUHSD is at the bottom compared to 10 other local districts, including Gilroy (which received a 6% salary increase this year), Milpitas and Morgan Hill.