1. The Sunnyvale School District agreed to a 4% salary increase for this year and next year.                                 

  2. The District lease of the Blackford campus generates $2.3 million per year.                                     

  3. The District predicted an increase of 5% in property tax revenue. The actual increase was 7.5% .                                                                  

  4. From 2008-2012, CHSTA did not pursue negotiating salary increases and agreed to hold salary at the 2008 rates in order to protect jobs and class sizes during the recession.                                                                                                                    

  5. The District reports that for every 3.81 teachers there is 1 administrator.                     

  6. Last year the District projected an ending balance of $8.7 million but ended up with $20 million.                                                                    

  7. It takes CUHSD teachers 32 years to reach the top of the salary structure, while the average for other district in the county is 26.3 years.                                                                   

  8. The average apartment rent in our County is $33,360/year; 28 CUSHD teachers make less than $65,000.                                                              

  9. The District was found to be out of compliance for exceeding the Special Education caseload limit of 28 students.                                 

  10. CUHSD Special Education teachers often teach 3 or more subjects within a single class.                                                                         

  11. CUHSD SPED students requiring "small group" settings are regularly placed in classes with 24+ students.                                                    

  12. CUHSD’s new graduation requirements apply to Special Education students, but no new support systems have been developed.